Pet Society
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Released In August 8, 2008 (Not precise)
Available In Cross-platform; Facebook, Bebo, MySpace
About In the world of Pet Society you and your pet can have a great time! You can play games, decorate your house and even bring gifts for your friends when you visit them. You can enjoy many different games and activities in Pet Society, playing ball, jumping with your skipping rope or going on treasure hunts for coins in the city. For those who like to compete you can take part in contests against other pets at the Pet Stadium!
Input Methods Keyboard, mouse, Mobile phone
Genre Fantasy, digital pet
Status Beta stage

Pet Society is an internet social game developed by Playfish. The game, which is launched within Facebook, has been ranked as the most popular Facebook application. New players custom design their pets, choosing genders, names, colours, and features (such as; ears, nose, mouth etc.).

There are a variety of activities with which the user can interact with the pet, including washing, brushing, petting and feeding the pet. There are also activities whereby pets can interact with the pets of those in the "friends" network. A pet can visit the pets of their friends and perform the same activities to these pets (washing, grooming, feeding, etc.). A pet can visit other pets as many times per day as it is inclined. Pets will receive coins on the first visit to each friend of the day and Paw Points on this and each subsequent visit. Ways to earn coins in Pet Society include the Daily Lottery, visiting friends, winning awards, cleaning or playing with pets, winning hurdle races or betting on the outcome of hurdle races. Ways to earn Paw Points are varied and include visiting friends, buying items and using the stadium.

On the 1st of April, 2010, there was an April fool joke in Pet Society. There was an option of selecting the game in 3D, and when the option was selected, the game would show a 'loading' bar, when, after that would finish, a message appeared, saying "April Fool!"


Pet Society has a thriving in-game economy and launches new purchasable items to each of the stores every week. The application attracts new users through its long continued efforts to stay updated, bringing new features such as "Recycling", "Garden", the Pet Society Photo Album feature and the Pet Society Fishing Pond. As of March 2010, Pet Society offers the following stores and places in its standard village:

  • Market - A new store in which you can find here all kinds of exciting things like toys, party gear, musical items, cool gadgets and more.
  • Stadium - This is where the pet can race with another pet. You can earn 30 coins by doing this. Your pet can also bet for a racer and earn coins if he/she chose the winning pet. Another option is to simply practice racing.
  • Food - Here pets can find typical fruits, vegetables, meat products, drinks, etc. The Food Shop oftern offers weekly special items which sometimes reflect specific holidays or events. For example, Zongzi was sold for one week in the 2009 May 28 Dragon Boat Festival. Other holiday food items have also been offered for holidays including Halloween and Christmas.
  • Furniture - This shop supplies various tables, chairs, couches, beds, shelves, cabinets and other furniture items for a pets home.
  • Mystery - The Mystery Shop sells Snow White, Stone Age, Food Booth, Fairy, Fairytale Doll house and Toy "Mystery" Eggs, and Mystery boxes and Japanese Bento boxes. A new item, the Win or Lose Mystery box, has now appeared in the Mystery Shop.Most times the Win or Lose Mystery boxyou can get a deicious pie. These boxes, when opened, reveal a gift, to be given to you. The Fairy eggs contain one of a selection of items that can be used for a themed room (such as fairy lamps, leaf carpets, fairy bed, etc.) as well as different elements of a fairy's wardrobe. Items which come out of Fairy "eggs" can be gifted to friends that play Pet Society. Both the Fairytale and Toy Mystery eggs contain either backdrop scenes (for example, a yellow brick road backdrop) or elements to place into that scene (such as the cowardly lion). While the Fairytale and Toy eggs can be gifted to Pet Society Friends, the items which come from the eggs cannot. The Mystery boxes can contain items currently in the other stores in Pet Society as well as special mystery items which are indicated by a "?". Mystery boxes come in three sizes, a small red box or "RMB" (Regular Mystery box), a medium blue box or "BMB" (Blue Mystery Box), and a gold large box or "GMB" (Gold Mystery Box). The value of the items inside of the mystery boxes can vary greatly, with a maximum resale value from the GMB being 999 coins. The "RMB" cost 50 yellow coins and the "BMB" cost 200 yellow coins and mostly, the "GMB" cost 500 yellow coins. All items which come out of a Mystery Box can be gifted to Pet Society Friends. Also there are 3 other new egg sets like the Faerie eggs, Food Booth eggs, Autumn Faerie eggs and Fortune eggs which give the player furniture and clothes to the theme which the egg is.
  • Café - A more recent feature, the Café is a social bonding service where the player can visit random players' houses, meeting their pets. The player can also buy typical coffee-shop food and tea sets here.
  • D.I.Y. (Do It Yourself) - This place is where players can shop for wallpapers, floors, doors, Bathroom sets, Cabinets and windows.
  • Clothes - Here players can buy clothes, shoes, hats, wigs and accessories for their pet to wear.
  • Stylist - Players can change the name, color and features (e.g. eyes, nose, ears and such) of their pet.
  • Bank - Allows the player to buy more yellow coins and cash here using Paypal to spend in the other shops. There are also offers which can be completed to earn coins. These may include surveys, credit card offers, or club offers (such as movie clubs or coffee clubs). The amount of coins (yellow) which can be earned varies with the offer. Reimbursement periods also vary, with some offers being instantaneous, while other offers can take a week or longer. The yellow coins can be used in all shops except for the Cash Coin Shop.
  • Boutique - This is one of the newest shops. Players can only get Playfish Cash with a credit card or by premium text message. Playfish Cash cannot be earned by normal game. This in-game currency is used to buy special items found only here. Playfish cash can be exchanged for yellow coins (5 playfish cash for 500 coins, 10 playfish cash for 1000 coins)
  • Garden - The latest addition to the stores in the game, the player can buy plants and different seeds for his or her pet's garden here. The vegetable seeds yield vegetables that grow in size as time passes, but these can rot if not watched carefully (or ignored for too long). It has a variety of 3 seeds. Vegetables, flowers and trees. There are different variety of each. The trees bear food like cupcakes and bananas and many more kind of food every few days. Since fishing has started in the game, the player can find aquariums here. They can also buy Scarecrows, Shelters, Plants, and even Flower cases and Plant Fertilisers used to grow instant plants.
  • Pond - Players can catch and collect fish (and various other items) by using any food they have as bait. Fish can be shown to friends by placing them in an aquarium. They can also be recycled or sold, but not gifted. If the Bait is bought from the Cash shops, they can collect Glow-in-the-dark fishes, Halloween Fishes, and the Holiday-season Fishes. Collecting 3 of the Pro-Fishing Clothings will be elligible for getting an ancient fish.
  • Cooking - Cooking is a feature to allow you to cook unique food, and use this to earn coins that was introduced in December, 2009.
  • Petlings - Petlings are a pet for your pet, which you can enjoy and look after. There are various types of petlings like: Cat, Dog, Coyote, Lion, Tiger, Lamb, Bear, Pegasus. And of course, more petlings will be released later.
  • Treasure Hunt - There is now a treasure hunt. Players can dig for dinosaur bones as well as various treasures. A new treasure is added each week. The most rare item to be found is the forest aquarium. Players receive 5 free shovels a day. Additionally, players can purchase shovels at 300 coins for 5 shovels.

There are also basic tools provided in Pet Society. These tools are upgraded when the player's level gets higher.


Earning a certain number of paw points makes the pet level up, in order to gain some coins, new features and special status. When originally release there were only 34. After houses were enlarged to accommodate ten rooms, an additional 13 levels were added bringing the total to 47. Pet Society had undergone some major changes, including Paw Point Changes. Points were being reset after each level. Nobody was sure of how many paw points needed, as paw points were hard to earn. After many complaints, Playfish changed the paw points back.

Level # Level name Paw Points required (Facebook) Reward
1 Getting Started 0 N/A
2 New Arrival 20 Basic Ball
3 Learner 50 House with two rooms, Basic Frisbee
4 Playful pet 100 Basic Skipping Rope
5 Fresh Face 250 House with three rooms, Portable TV
6 Promising Prospect 500 Better Soap
7 One To Watch 750 Better Ball
8 Growing Talent 1,000 Better Brush
9 High Achiever 1,500 Better Frisbee
10 Popular Pet 2,000 Better Skipping Rope, Second Garden
11 Influential Pet 2,500 House with four rooms, Digital TV
12 Rising Star 3,000 Super Soap
13 Established Presence 3,500 Super Ball
14 Society Stalwart 4,000 Super Brush
15 Famous Pet 4,500 Super Frisbee
16 Media Darling 5,000 Super Skipping Rope
17 High Profile Pet 6,000 House with five rooms, Plasma TV
18 VIP Pet 7,000 Lovely Soap
19 Celebrity Pet 8,000 Golden Ball
20 It Pet 9,000 Golden Brush
21 A-List Pet 10,000 Golden Frisbee
22 Renowned Pet 11,000 Golden Skipping Rope
23 Superstar Pet 12,000 House with Six Rooms
24 Hollywood Pet 14,000 Aqua Soap
25 Megastar Pet 18,000 Pro Ball
26 Platinum Pet 24,000 Crystal Brush
27 Uberstar Pet 32,000 Star Frisbee
28 Ultimate Achiever 42,000 Expert Skipping Rope
29 Superb Pet 54,000 House with Seven Rooms
30 Heroic Pet 68,000 Golden Star Soap
31 Royal Pet 84,000 Crystal Ball
32 Historic Pet 102,000 Ruby Brush
33 Super Pet 122,000 Gem Frisbee
34 All-Time Great 144,000 Star Skipping Rope
35 Ultimate Pet 166,000 House with Eight Rooms
36 Ruby Renowned Pet 188,000 Heart Soap
37 Ruby Superstar Pet 210,000 Ruby Ball
38 Ruby Hollywood Pet 232,000 Sapphire Brush
39 Ruby Megastar Pet 254,000 Sapphire Frisbee
40 Ruby Platinum Pet 276,000 Ruby Skipping Rope
41 Ruby Uberstar Pet 298,000 House with Nine Rooms
42 Ruby Ultimate Achiever Pet 310,000 Sapphire Heart Soap
43 Ruby Superb Pet 332,000 Sapphire Ball
44 Ruby Heroic Pet 354,000 Rainbow Brush
45 Ruby Royal Pet 376,000 Rainbow Frisbee
46 Ruby Historic Pet 398,000 Sapphire Skipping Rope
47 Ruby Super Pet 420,000 House with Ten Rooms

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